What: Masters of Lasagna: A Culinary Exploration

When: Tuesday, Apr 9, 2024

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Location: 3960 Crooks Rd, Troy, MI, 48084

Cost: $65 per seat

Cooking Class Description:

Embark on a delectable journey at our exclusive cooking class hosted in an elegant Italian setting. “Masters of Lasagna” invites you to discover the art of creating the perfect layers of flavor in classic lasagna. But that’s not all – our skilled chefs will guide you through the culinary wonders of crafting unique variations, including mouthwatering fish lasagna and delightful veggie lasagna.

Immerse yourself in the rich aromas and textures of this iconic dish, as you learn the secrets behind each layer. Savor the satisfaction of creating and indulging in your culinary masterpieces alongside fellow food enthusiasts.

In our cooking class, you can choose to participate hands-on or simply observe. Our chefs extend a warm invitation to join them behind the counter for a truly delightful experience. Throughout the class, relish the satisfaction of tasting everything you prepare.